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This program will give you valuable training, insight and support that you will not find anywhere else to help you build your wellness travel business. It will also save you hours of time and needless frustration so you can create a healthy revenue stream, do what you love, and thrive in this exciting and evolving specialty.

Who Should Take Our Course?

Thinking about adding wellness to your existing business?

Did you know that wellness travelers stay longer, spend a healthy amount of money to achieve their goals, return home happy clients and share their positive experiences with others? They are interested in being their best self and in building a better world. Wellness travelers are often repeat customers too! Combined training and support can help elevate your confidence and credibility in developing your own unique wellness travel business.

Currently book wellness trips but want to reach a whole new level?

Amplify your knowledge and further your skill sets to optimize your success. Gain valuable ah-ha moments to propel you forward and thrive in this growing niche. Ask your most pressing questions (from anywhere in the world!) and have them answered.

Why Choose Wellness Travel Academy?

  • Practical information that can be applied to your business immediately.
  • A clear lesson plan complete with learning exercises and recommended reading to get you up to speed quickly so you can earn more commissions!
  • A course created with the input of hundreds of surveyed travel agents.
  • Proprietary data you will not find anywhere else!
  • Upon the completion of this course you will be able differentiate yourself and create a strong position for the future.
  • This course will give you trends, tools and tips that you will not find anywhere else!
  • An affordable 3-month payment plan so you can get started NOW!

If you’ve taken a spa travel, medical tourism or other travel agent certification that left you wanting a course exclusively focused on wellness travel , Wellness Travel Academy is for you!

Here’s What You Receive:

  • 16 On-demand videos with clear learning objectives and exercises that you can watch anytime, any place
  • Downloadable At-A-Glance Resource Guides
  • Highly Curated Recommended Reading List so you don't have to hunt & peck for information
  • A Certificate of Completion that you can post to your Linkedin.com profile & is suitable for framing

You Also Receive These Bonuses!

  • BONUS: Unlimited Access for 6 months!
  • BONUS: Ask Away! Have your most pressing questions answered in a private platform!

What Others Are Saying:

I love Wellness Travel Academy! Find your travel agent program renewed my enthusiasm for selling and has given me the much-needed structure for selling travel to put all of the pieces together for my wellness travel business. - Elizabeth W., Travel Agent

Wellness Travel Academy gave me a wealth of information to help grow my business. The instructor, Camille Hoheb, is highly responsive to the travel agent community and is highly respected as a trailblazer in the industry. - Kathryn S., Travel Agent

Our Story. What Be Will Yours Be?

Camille Hoheb

Welcome! You've come to the right place to learn about wellness travel.

I understand that starting something new can be daunting. It wasn't always easy when I launched Wellness Tourism Worldwide several years ago. In fact, sometimes it was downright hard - forging a new path, in a new industry, with no guarantees of success and learning by trial and error on my own.

That's why I'm really excited to share with you, knowledge and experiences that took me years to acquire - from traveling to wellness destinations around the globe to speaking at events and meeting face-to-face with hundreds of travel, hospitality and wellness professionals, to pouring over research and conducting my own surveys. I wrote The Guide to Selling Wellness Travel to help others understand the wellness travel market. Since 2013, The Guide has sold in 27 countries and so much more has happened.

Wellness Travel Academy and this new program is something I am really proud of because it contains the latest and most comprehensive wellness travel information available online. Designed to be interactive, you'll always have my full support.

I love wellness travel because it's both personally and professionally rewarding and you are probably drawn to it for the same reasons I am. Meeting and helping so many wonderfully bright people is both fun and fulfilling. I hope to see you soon at Wellness Travel Academy.

Much Success,

Camille Hoheb


I have something very special in store for you and that's a new a new program called, Rock Your Testimonials! Coming Soon! 


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by Lindsay Walliick

by Lindsay Walliick

Camille Hoheb

Camille Hoheb


Camille Hoheb is a recognized authority in wellness travel and  speaks all over the world promoting work/life balance, the importance of vacations and quality of life.  As the   President of Wellness Tourism Worldwide. Camille has received 10 awards for tourism marketing excellence, was recognized as an "Outstanding Mentor in Travel and Tourism" and was recognized as a "Trendsetter" by TravelAge West Magazine. Her expertise is featured in Forbes.com, Huffington Post, Travel Market Report, Successful Meeting, Delta Sky & and Travel Weekly among others. She is often invited by tourism boards, associations and conferences to speak on wellness tourism.

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