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Reach More Clients with World Wellness Weekend - the course - brings together senior marketing executives from the spa, hospitality, and travel industries to help you uplevel your wellness travel business. Learn all about community collabs, developing relationships with wellness influencers, and reaching more clients while making a positive impact in your local community through World Wellness Weekend.

Presenters include Jean-Guy de Gabriac, founder of Wellness World Weekend and three senior executives from iconic properties including David Erlich (Sandals Resorts), Sandra Miller (Glen Ivy Hot Springs - GOCO Spa), Elena Gracheva (NIZUC Resort & Spa - Las Brisas)

Each share what creative activities they will organize for their guests & associates and give webinar attendees practical ideas, tips, and advice so they can join this global wellness event 

This is a $149 course offered compliments of Wellness Tourism Worldwide.


Camille Hoheb

Camille Hoheb is a recognized authority in wellness travel and  speaks all over the world promoting work/life balance, the importance of vacations and quality of life.  As the   President of Wellness Tourism Worldwide. Camille has received 10 awards for tourism marketing excellence, was recognized as an "Outstanding Mentor in Travel and Tourism" and was recognized as a "Trendsetter" by TravelAge West Magazine. Her expertise is featured in, Huffington Post, Travel Market Report, Successful Meeting, Delta Sky & and Travel Weekly among others. She is often invited by tourism boards, associations and conferences to speak on wellness tourism.

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    • The What & Why:

    • What is World Wellness Weekend? Interview with Jean-Guy de Gabriac

    • Webinar Announcement: World Wellness Weekend with Elena Gracheva

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    Webinar Recording & Presentation Materials

    • Webinar Recording: Reach More Clients (in 40 Days!) with World Wellness Weekend

    • Reach More Clients (in 40 Days) with World Wellness Weekend Slide Deck

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    BONUSES! Yippee!!

    • More Resources for You!

    • Community Collabs_Fun 1+ Hour Wellness Events Swipe File

    • Example of a Great Promo Video Courtesy of Sandals Resorts International

    • Working with Zero Budget: Lessons Learned

    • Q & A Elena Gracheva

    • Q & A Sandra Miller

    • Outtake: Webinar Announcement: World Wellness Weekend with Jean-Guy

    • Spotlight on ActionTaker Maria Hoover

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5 star rating

Marie D Enriquez, CTA, CSTP

5 star rating

The title was attractive


The information was great and a lot of food to participate in World Wellness Weekend. I have stared brain-storming my ideas.

The information was great and a lot of food to participate in World Wellness Weekend. I have stared brain-storming my ideas.

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4 star rating

Rachel Laurendeau